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Scoping Before embarking on a potentially lengthy and costly project, it is crucial that the business understands what it is they are trying to achieve. Proof of Concept A tangible demonstration that your vision of a business success can become reality. Prove new versions or demonstrate benefits to departments not yet using the system. Healthcheck After an installation has been around for some time it may become unweidly, slow, or not even used. New versions may also bring further unknown benefits so use this service to determine if your Cognos is supporting or hindering your business. Investing in your people Training is vital to support your investment in Business Intelligence. When users interpret the key factors in your organisation you want them to spend more time making decisions and less time trawling through data.
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Webster Software is an independent company that can explain and translate technology into real benefits, from researching the best solution to implementation - you are guided at every stage. We will consider and research options, project-plan, source products, deliver the solution and train your users, assisting at every step along the way.
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