A tangible demonstration that your vision of a business success can become reality. What do we mean by ‘proof’? The purpose of our Proof of Concept Service (POCS) is to demonstrate that Cognos Business Intelligence tools will deliver measurable business benefit on your specific project. Such proof may be achieved by: Prototyping one or more of our standards, using some of your existing data. Showing how Decision Flow techniques can empower your decision-makers. Easing concerns about technical complexity or challenging data volumes. Speed is of the essence with POCS. The point is not to end up with the first phase of an implementation, but to prove the worth and practicality of a selected application. The knowledge gained will be invaluable in developing your full BI solution. How evidence breeds confidence As well as generating confidence in the value and workability of a particular BI application, the POCS ‘Quick Win’ prototype provides many other benefits, including: Project risk reduction, by identifying issues early. Analysis of user requirements at the right level. Appropriate, cost effective use of Cognos tools. Opportunity to build quality metrics into project. A valuable means of presenting BI to senior management for approval. A way of involving users, establishing realistic expectations and gathering their ‘buy-in’.  
Proof of Concept
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