The Cognos System Health Check 1. Scope Our Cognos health check will review all existing Cognos software products and associated infrastructure with the aim being to highlight any areas that require immediate attention and where improvements can be achieved that would benefit the business and its performance management. 2. Information Requirements Review of the original information requirements of the business with a comparison of today’s requirements and whether the current solution achieves the original objectives. WebsterSoftware can also interview decision managers to identify any new requirements. 3. Overall Infrastructure A review of all hardware and software components and how successfully they support the delivery of information to your business community. In particular we will investigate and highlight any performance issues and bottlenecks and suggest potential solutions. You may have Cognos software at different version levels on your site and although this is not necessarily an issue, we must ensure that your business is not missing an opportunity to upgrade as part of existing support agreements. 4. Security Review Are your users able to see information that is sensitive to your business? We can demonstrate the powerful security features available in Cognos which you can implement to ensure that only suitable staff have access to sensitive data or reports. The Cognos HealthCheck review is comprehensive so ask us for more information.
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